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Surviving Being Crazy

Why Write This Blog

Anyone who has read my other two blogs one about my attempts at finding Mr Right and one about my solo travels will know I go through periods of writing/publishing massive amounts of information and then nothing for ages.  So... Continue Reading →

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Asking For Help

Autism is a socially isolating conditions that makes it somewhere between hard and impossible to join groups, make friends and ask for help.  When you've basically built an invisible suit of armour to protect yourself from hurt, rejection, being made... Continue Reading →

Book Review – All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

I'm not entirely sure I've ever done a book review on this blog despite the fact I've read every book on Autism, Girls & Autism or ADHD my local library has and frankly found most of them were shit. All... Continue Reading →

The Soul?

We all know my autistically wired brain doesn't always behave and for a lot of reasons lately I've been having trouble sleeping and even when I do sleep I have strange dreams. Lately my brains 2am musings have been about... Continue Reading →

Signature Scent

Out of all of your five senses (hearing, sight, sound, feel, smell) your sense of smell is the most highly tuned, neurologically connected and underutalised of them all. It's well known in the world of animal studies that animals can... Continue Reading →

Body Acceptance & Love

Hello this is me with my new blonde chunk in my hair.  This photo was taken on 29 December 2017 after I'd worked a 35 hour week in a hot humid Industrial shed in temperatures averaging 36C (97f) daily, rushed... Continue Reading →

Gatekeepers and Sensory Filtering Systems

I've seen a fair amount of online discussion over the last 18 months on why autistic people suffer from information overload or why they seem to have scarily sharp senses of hearing, smell, taste, touch and sight.  It isn't actually all that... Continue Reading →


2018 - My Year Of ENOUGH I’ve decided I’ve had ENOUGH of being told that for my life to be better I must love my self exactly as I am only to then be told: You are not quite perfect... Continue Reading →

The Art of Letting Someone In

I was reading an article in Flow Magazine (Issue 19 English Addition) and came across an article called The Art of Being Alone by someone who uses the pseudonym of Carine De Kooning.  Around the same time I read a... Continue Reading →

The Missing Topic Of Living Arrangements!

I was originally going to call this post something like "The Experts Views Are Fairy Tales" or "Real Life Shit NOT Covered" but if I keep writing aggressive topic headings I'm going to get labeled as "ANGREY" and "EXPERT HATER",... Continue Reading →

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