The Cutting Cookies Circus

Surviving Being Crazy

Why Write This Blog

Anyone who has read my other two blogs one about my attempts at finding Mr Right and one about my solo travels will know I go through periods of writing/publishing massive amounts of information and then nothing for ages.  So... Continue Reading →

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Missing Normal Milestones Does NOT Make Me Defective!

I was listening to the PBS Newshour while covering my umpteenth consignment of books the other day and in the human interest segment they were interviewing some author about his autobiography.  Part of the interview segment was that he answered... Continue Reading →


We're always getting told we need BALANCE in our lives from healthcare professionals through to advertisers.  You think about it we get told we need a more balanced diet, we need to better balance between work and home life, we... Continue Reading →

Money And Women

If you regularly read my blogs (and I hope you do) here and there you would have noticed the occasional comment, rant or irritation about the relationship I have with money. If you follow @AuntyEmzBlankets on Instagram or @Yvemmanique on... Continue Reading →

Autism and Employment – why I insist on having a job

Last week for shits and giggles the universal energy of FATE decided to toss a live and potentially deadly hand-grenade into my life and created some fairly major problems.  What happened?  As Latuda the new and supposedly safer antipsychotic built... Continue Reading →

How To Make The Sunshine Coast The Silicon Valley of South East Asia!

How To Make The Sunshine Coast The Silicon Valley of South East Asia! A plan to maximize the benefits of the International Broadband Submarine Cable, which is due to be fully operational from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia by 2020.... Continue Reading →

Taking The Brakes Off And Restarting My Life!

A long time ago in a little Coast Village there lived The Girl who was always just a little bit different to the other girls.  The village wasn't very big and everyone new someone who new her or her family,... Continue Reading →

Buckets of Money and Classifications

On Friday 26 October 2018 I finally sent in my application for assessment to receive assistance via the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). For anyone who does not live in Australia you've probably never heard of the National Disability Insurance... Continue Reading →

Advice for Dating Someone with an Invisible Disability

Since the term "Invisible Disability" covers a huge area of disabilities I'm going to specifically talk about dating someone with autism.  This advice is not for those of us who have autism we know what we're like.  It's for those... Continue Reading →

E – Declutter

I decided a while ago to change phone companies and go from a post paid service to a prepaid service.  Being the data geek that I am I ran a gazillion diagnostics on my iPhone because it's my primary electronic... Continue Reading →

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