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Why Write This Blog

Anyone who has read my other two blogs one about my attempts at finding Mr Right and one about my solo travels will know I go through periods of writing/publishing massive amounts of information and then nothing for ages.  So... Continue Reading →

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Sorry – Wait why am I the one saying sorry

Sorry is a word I say far to often and for all the wrong reasons. What do I mean when I say I use sorry incorrectly? Sorry is a word that should only ever be used when you have done... Continue Reading →

Blue Pill or Red Pill

There is a lot of cool stuff in the original Matrix movie but one scene in particular tends to resinate with people who have any type of life disrupting medical condition, disability or mental illness and that is the Blue... Continue Reading →

Why Routine Is So Very Important

One of the indicators used to diagnose Autism is that the patient must have: Restrictive, repetitive patterns of behaviour Basically this means that the patient must follow a set routine of daily activities and will become distressed should their routine... Continue Reading →

An Unfindable Statistic

*Note if you follow Surviving Cookie Cutter Dating you have hopefully already read this post* For all 3 of my university degrees I had to take classes in Statistics and Statistical Analysis  both subjects I hate but am oddly talented at... Continue Reading →

How To Boil A Frog (AKA The slow decline of your mental health)

When I was at Central Queensland University doing my first degree in O-Week I went to a presentation called How To Boil A Frog, which was actually about learning the danger signs of a toxic relationship.  The analogy being that... Continue Reading →

Asking For Help

Autism is a socially isolating conditions that makes it somewhere between hard and impossible to join groups, make friends and ask for help.  When you've basically built an invisible suit of armour to protect yourself from hurt, rejection, being made... Continue Reading →

Book Review – All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

I'm not entirely sure I've ever done a book review on this blog despite the fact I've read every book on Autism, Girls & Autism or ADHD my local library has and frankly found most of them were shit. All... Continue Reading →

The Soul?

We all know my autistically wired brain doesn't always behave and for a lot of reasons lately I've been having trouble sleeping and even when I do sleep I have strange dreams. Lately my brains 2am musings have been about... Continue Reading →

Signature Scent

Out of all of your five senses (hearing, sight, sound, feel, smell) your sense of smell is the most highly tuned, neurologically connected and underutalised of them all. It's well known in the world of animal studies that animals can... Continue Reading →

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