The Cutting Cookies Circus

Surviving Being Crazy

The Art of Social Chit-Chat

Before I do anything else I'll define what I think of a Social Chit-Chat The requirement to make pleasant small talk about mostly boring topics you have zero interest in to total strangers that happens at every and any type... Continue Reading →


No Fear – Good or Bad?

In the Geek/Nerd world there is an almost constant discussion revolving around super powers and it's not uncommon to hear "If you could have one super power what would it be and why?". For us mere mortals a "Super Power"... Continue Reading →

Autism, Male Privilege and Behavioural Expectations

Over the last 12 months I've seen the term "Male Privilege" pop up all over social media and I never thought I'd be using the term but it unfortunately fits what I'm about to have a bit of a rant... Continue Reading →

You are NOT Autistic….I Know because!

Last week I was out to dinner with my Tuesday Night Bookclub ladies and while discussing the fact I resigned from my job I made the statement "being autistic I just couldn't do the role as it had become 95%... Continue Reading →


Back at the beginning of July (2017) I decided I needed a little guidance on my life so I booked myself in to see Joanna Katherine a clairvoyant with a solid reputation that lives and works on the Sunshine Coast,... Continue Reading →

Braking Bad Behavioural Patterns

As you may all have noticed I've been a little quiet lately, which instantly should have sent up warning flags that I was struggling but somehow I missed the subtle signs until it became a glowing neon WARNING DANGER LIES... Continue Reading →

HAPPY! What is it exactly?

I saw my Psychiatrist the other day and at the time I was a little unwell with a head cold, confused as to why I had not been paid my wages and stressed about kicking off Aunty Emz Blankets by... Continue Reading →

13 Reasons Why

According to the rules of socially responsible writing I should be putting up a warning about everything and anything in this post that might upset someone, and I'm not.  My warning is this READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. On 31... Continue Reading →

The Cure Debate

Personally I hear the words "The Cure Debate" and wonder why people are discussing a Gothic Rock band formed in Crawley West Sussex in 1976 who had a string of hits in the 1980s and eventually disappeared in the late... Continue Reading →

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