The Cutting Cookies Circus

Surviving Being Crazy

The Missing Topic Of Living Arrangements!

I was originally going to call this post something like "The Experts Views Are Fairy Tales" or "Real Life Shit NOT Covered" but if I keep writing aggressive topic headings I'm going to get labeled as "ANGREY" and "EXPERT HATER",... Continue Reading →


The Sex Myth And Autistic Females

Little while since I posted and I would say sorry but I'm trying very hard to break the habit of constantly apologising.  My life has been busy with work and other things so my writing time has been limited. I'm... Continue Reading →

That’s Not In The Instructions

Sorry for the gap in writing my life got a little busy because 6 weeks ago I started a new job, so I've been a little busy learning new skills, rearranging life events to be after work and settling into... Continue Reading →

Oz Comic Con – Brisbane 23-09-2017 (The Autistic Experience)

Any one who read Oz Comic Con (NOT HAPPY) would know that I was fully expecting this event to be incredibly disorganised and crazy.  To start with I feared I would be proved correct but once through the doors of the Exhibition... Continue Reading →

The Allure of Ink

As I walked back to my car the other day having seen my Psychiatrist I heard a distinct metallic buzzing sound and then on the breeze I got a whiff of ink and the distinctive copper tang of human blood.... Continue Reading →

Long Hair – Love & Hate Relationship

I have no idea if the love-hate relationship I have with hair is just an autistic thing or if it's something others struggle with as well. As a little girl my dad insisted we had long hair, I have no... Continue Reading →

Oz Comic Con (NOT HAPPY)

All my friends for years have been raving about how awesome, how wonderful, how fantastic, how brilliant, how cutting edge and how inclusive the grate, the grand, the wonderful and all powerful OZ COMIC CON is! Naturally from this amazing... Continue Reading →

Nutrimetics Flawless Air Serum Foundation (Makeup Review)

PRODUCT INFORMATION COPIED FROM THE Beauty Edit Brother - Offer only available from 16-08-2017 to 15-01-2018 *Set Sale Code = 155807*  Sale Price $75 (RRP $114) Professional Flawless Complexion Set Top-rated, top-selling and top of our wish list. Professional Flawless Air Serum... Continue Reading →

Girly Stuff

In a bid to borden my social life and help connect me to other local business women Crystal from C & A Beauty By Design decided I needed to join Leading Ladies started by Jen Bettridge is an organisation for... Continue Reading →

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