The Cutting Cookies Circus

Surviving Being Crazy

Cute Puppy Syndrom

Today I went to a free lecture at the University Sunshine Coast given by Rick Guidotti Director of Positive Exposure  If you ever get the chance to go hear him speak do it he's incredibly charismatic and interesting.  His passion is... Continue Reading →


Disclaimer - found this while looking for instructions on building a bookshelf & fell in love with it.  I have no idea who the author is 

Autism = School Was Hell

Last night a twitter discussion by #ActualAutistic people kicked off after Anonymously Autistic posted a blog about how horrid school was and from the discussion I'd say most of us that commented do not have fond memories of school me included. In... Continue Reading →

Adult Female Autism – All The Shit No One Talks About

***WARNING - Post contains adult information and topics****** While at Beauty School I meet an awesome lady called Crystal who owns and operates C & A Beauty By Design  who I now exclusively go to for all my beauty essentials like... Continue Reading →

Phylisophical Thought

I used to say "life is what happens while you're busy making other plans" but in reality life is the right now moment you're in nothing more nothing less!

Minimising Achievements

One of my managers once told me I should change my name to Elle Woods and I had no idea what he was talking about.  When I told my partner at the time of this rather odd statement he just... Continue Reading →

Employment Frustration

My hometown on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia is a beautiful place to live, with a laid back life style, friendly people, amazing beaches and seasonally double the population because of the influx of tourists. What isn't lovely about... Continue Reading →

Teflon Coated

Latest night my mum and I were discussing events that have recently happened in our lives (births, deaths and lost phone numbers) when my mum responded to a comment I made about not having a lot of people in my... Continue Reading →


This is amazingly written and so eloquently captures my life and the issues being Autistic creates

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