The Cutting Cookies Circus

Surviving Being Crazy

Employment Frustration

My hometown on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia is a beautiful place to live, with a laid back life style, friendly people, amazing beaches and seasonally double the population because of the influx of tourists. What isn't lovely about... Continue Reading →

Teflon Coated

Latest night my mum and I were discussing events that have recently happened in our lives (births, deaths and lost phone numbers) when my mum responded to a comment I made about not having a lot of people in my... Continue Reading →


This is amazingly written and so eloquently captures my life and the issues being Autistic creates

OMG You haven’t changed at all!

Roughly 3 years ago I moved back into the house my family has lived in since I was 8 years old in the Village of Buderim on the beautiful Sunshine Coast (Queensland, Australia).  When I ran away at the age... Continue Reading →

Space Invaders

I do NOT like people in my personal space and I thought the rules of socially acceptable behaviour prohibit people from getting in your personal space unless you specifically invite them to do so. I would like to know when... Continue Reading →

Stupidity of The English Language

This morning my mum was reading out an article from the local paper and the statement "this event ripped the fake facade off the new and improved......" and I got a dose of the seriously grumpies about it. You can... Continue Reading →

Retirees – are they killing community organisations? 

In the local paper the other day there was a notice that the local branch of the Country Women's Association was holding a new members meeting on Saturday 18th March 2017 at 09:30 in the local hall.  Since I'm stretching... Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Curse of Lovely

Long before I was officially diagnosed as being Autistic with Social & Communication difficulties I started reading Self Help, Mindfulness and Communication Style books. At first I was trying to make myself less different and more like everyone else (able... Continue Reading →

Impulse Control Problem

I had to explain to my Employment Case Manager today that I can't apply for jobs the same day I find them on Seek I have to save them, wait at least 48 hours, then re-read the job description and... Continue Reading →

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