Technically I only officially joined the Circus of Mental Health Issues this year when my brain ended up going very wonky and I ended up under the care of a wonderful Psychiatrist.

Have I always been bat shit crazy – Hells Yeah

Did I care until 2016 that I was bat shit crazy – Hell NO

So what happened?

  1. I gave up self medicating after 20 years of a daily opioid painkiller addiction and occasionally disappearing down the rabbit hole of heavy drinking
  2. I decided unless I wanted to follow my Uncle M into an early grave I’d better work on fixing my health
  3. I hit 42 and decided I no longer wanted to be an over educated, over weight, underpaid, single, unhappy gypsy with few friends and a hideous track record at making relationships work or staying in full time employment.

I have two other blogs which I struggle to maintain so why am I stating this blog.  Because my other blogs have a specific purpose which I try to stick to.  However as I travel down my path of diagnosis and attempting to put the shattered jigsaw puzzle peaces of my life back together I find I want to communicate about Mental Health Issues and  how my crazy brain sees the world and neither of my other blogs are designed for that.