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Sorry – Wait why am I the one saying sorry

Sorry is a word I say far to often and for all the wrong reasons. What do I mean when I say I use sorry incorrectly? Sorry is a word that should only ever be used when you have done... Continue Reading →


Why Routine Is So Very Important

One of the indicators used to diagnose Autism is that the patient must have: Restrictive, repetitive patterns of behaviour Basically this means that the patient must follow a set routine of daily activities and will become distressed should their routine... Continue Reading →

Asking For Help

Autism is a socially isolating conditions that makes it somewhere between hard and impossible to join groups, make friends and ask for help.  When you've basically built an invisible suit of armour to protect yourself from hurt, rejection, being made... Continue Reading →

Signature Scent

Out of all of your five senses (hearing, sight, sound, feel, smell) your sense of smell is the most highly tuned, neurologically connected and underutalised of them all. It's well known in the world of animal studies that animals can... Continue Reading →


2018 - My Year Of ENOUGH I’ve decided I’ve had ENOUGH of being told that for my life to be better I must love my self exactly as I am only to then be told: You are not quite perfect... Continue Reading →

The Missing Topic Of Living Arrangements!

I was originally going to call this post something like "The Experts Views Are Fairy Tales" or "Real Life Shit NOT Covered" but if I keep writing aggressive topic headings I'm going to get labeled as "ANGREY" and "EXPERT HATER",... Continue Reading →

The Sex Myth And Autistic Females

Little while since I posted and I would say sorry but I'm trying very hard to break the habit of constantly apologising.  My life has been busy with work and other things so my writing time has been limited. I'm... Continue Reading →

That’s Not In The Instructions

Sorry for the gap in writing my life got a little busy because 6 weeks ago I started a new job, so I've been a little busy learning new skills, rearranging life events to be after work and settling into... Continue Reading →

The Allure of Ink

As I walked back to my car the other day having seen my Psychiatrist I heard a distinct metallic buzzing sound and then on the breeze I got a whiff of ink and the distinctive copper tang of human blood.... Continue Reading →

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