I saw my Psychiatrist the other day and at the time I was a little unwell with a head cold, confused as to why I had not been paid my wages and stressed about kicking off Aunty Emz Blankets by opening a Market Stall.  I do not deal well with being ill so I was grumpy, tired and stress,  which depending on your view point is either the perfect or the worst time to see your Psychiatrist.  In that particular mood state I 50% antisocial, 25% homicidal and 25% intolerant of stupidity so my autistic traits become a LOT more evident because I give up trying to moderate my behaviour.

Anyway my Psychiatrist said to me “apart from the fact you’re currently tired, stressed and grumpy over all are you happy?”

And I exploded into a full on rant with the main topic being that asking me if I am HAPPY is stupid because “HAPPY” is a wishy washy emotional term that has no quantifiable parameters agains which I can accurately  measure if I am happy.

Happy is one of those words that gets tossed around a lot but exactly what is it?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary  – Happy is defined as

  1. Adjective – Feeling of showing pleasure or contentment
  2. Attributive – Fortunate and convenient
  3. Informal – Inclined to use a specified thing excessively or at random

Hmmmmmm ok well that didn’t help much did it!  Technically that means I could be considered HAPPY because I was fortunate to find a conveniently located thing and I randomly used it excessively to clobber the person annoying me to death with it and was now feeling contented because there was silence all around me……………………..

Happy is an emotion and lets face it emotions do not come with  set criteria you can measure to define what they are.  Every person on the planate will give you a different variation of what HAPPY is, which will be largely influenced by their cultural upbringing, mental health, physical health, personality and family background.

You can’t even accurately measure if someone is happy by their external appearance.  Just because someone is smiling does not mean they are happy.  The person who has resting bitch face and is squinting to read a sign therefore looking like they are glaring at you might internally be the happiest person you’ve ever met it just isn’t visible on the surface.

One day I might if I’m lucky understand why people use wishy washy terms like happy as a descriptive and might even be able to accurately use it to describe me or my situation.  But until someone comes up with a set criteria I can used to accurately measure something like happy I’ll stick to describing physical attributes instead like I feel energetic and my muscles are relaxed therefor I am not stressed.