Firstly I’m sick to death of explaining what “High Functioning ASD” is so I’m here by simply referring to my diagnosis as “Aspergers” because it’s way hell and gone simpler to say and mostly I don’t have to explain it.

Today I bought myself The Perfect Plate – it is the Hungry Caterpillar Divided Sections Plate pictured at the top of this post.  Anyone with Aspergers or who knows someone with Aspergers just laughed and totally got why this is the PERFECT plate for me.  For everyone else I’ll explain.

I’ve discovered that having Aspergers means you come pre-wired with some odd little personality traits.  I always just assumed it was me and I was a little odd but apparently these are common traits for Apsies

  • You don’t like the feel of some fabrics – travelling is a nightmare because if the sheet feels wrong I can’t sleep
  • You’ll wear the same outfit to death and you have a panic attack when it finally dies and you must replace it (I have 9 pairs of exactly the same jeans)
  • Tags on clothing drive you crazy so you tend to cut them out, which makes it kind of hard to remember things like brand and size when you want to buy 6 more of the same t-shirt.
  • You much prefer being able to eat with your fingers and if possible sniff your food before eating it
  • You’re amazingly picky about food, I hate going to restaurants I’ve never eaten at because I don’t know their menu off by heart the upside is I’m easy to order for if you take me to a restaurant I like because I’ll order exactly the same dish every time.
  • You’ll watch the same movie to the point you can recite every line for every character by heart or listen to the same song 15 times in a row
  • You hate having your routine interrupted and god forbid the person driving you somewhere takes a different rout or you have a full blown anxiety melt down
  • You really dislike people either touching you or being to close to you
  • Maintaining eye contact is physically impossible, we really just can’t do it

As I’ve grown up I’ve learnt to live with things like the above and 99% of people who know me unless they are really close family, lover or friend wouldn’t even notice the quirks because I’ve learnt to hide them well.  However I have one quirk, which I honestly thought was just me being really odd that I can’t hide.


Yup you read that correctly I have a serious issue with food touching.  My family god love them give me shit about it all the time my dad thinks its hilarious that I physically cannot put two things on my plate at the same time and have them touching.  At home my method of dealing with it is simple I put one thing on my plate and eat it, then I’ll get the next thing and eat it and so on until I’ve tried all the dishes on offer.

However when you have to eat out for either business or social reasons things get a little harder because generally as a rule when you’re served food at a restaurant it all comes on the one plate and it will be TOUCHING.  When this happens my brain is going OMG IKKKK MY FOOD IS TOUCHING but I’ve learnt to keep a poker face and very carefully move things around on the plate so there is space between each element. Friends, family and lovers just smile and find it amusing other people look at me like I’m some kind of nutter but thankfully socially acceptable behaviour normally prevents them asking “what the hell are you doing”.

I’ve learnt not to freak out over spaghetti dishes, hambergers or salads although with salads I do eat each element separately and in a set order.  However I do not deal well with Stews of any kind and I flatly refuse to eat fruit salad.  So today finding my Hungry Caterpillar Divided Sections Plate was amazing as I can now put three things on a plate at once and not have them touching.