Tomorrow will be exactly 6 weeks to the day that I got my confirmed diagnosis of High Functioning ASD with co-morbid ADHD and started on Ritalin.  The Ritalin is working so long as I remember to take it on time every 3 hours x 5 doses a day.  I find I can concentrate better, think clearer and plan things better.

However as my mind becomes more focused I’m finding I’m very very very frustrated by how the system treats adults undergoing psychiatric diagnosis.  So far I’ve been given a label with a bunch of letters in it and some pills.  What I haven’t been given is INFORMATION or where to find resources to help me better understand my diagnosis.

I’m a researcher I suck up knowledge and information about anything that is currently the focus of my occasionally limited attention span.  I have 3 university degrees and I think I was the only student to read every textbook, recommended reading, research paper and journal article mentioned in lecture notes.

So when I got my diagnosis I was expecting a Light Bulb Moment where I was given the tools to understand the fundamental personality traits of my condition, which would then allow me to figure out better less self distractive ways of living my life.

Instead I feel like I’ve been dropped into a deep dark forest with a glow stick and told to stay on the path (e.g. my meds) or the consequences could be bad.  So on Tuesday my Psychiatrist and I will be having a discussion on where I go to find information about living with High Functioning ASD and ADHD.  I already asked my psychologist this and she told me to ask the psychiatrist, which frankly I found very unhelpful and I told her that.

As an adult I can rationalise no one giving me information on where to find resources  because my Psychiatrist know’s I have a Psychology degree and I’m a researcher so possibly he assumed I didn’t need help in finding information and resorces.  I really hope that parents who have a child that is diagnosed as high functioning ASD with co-morbid ADHD are not treated the same and are provided with information on where to find resources to help understand their child’s view of the world and what to expect as they grow.