Since I’m going to be up until after midnight tonight I figure I might as well write something.  Why am I going to be up late?  No it’s not a medication malfunction or insomnia back to haunt me.  Tonight for me is special I regard it as New Year’s Eve because this is a good time to get rid of old habits, banish negativity, bring cleansing energy and so on into your life.

In case you missed me saying it in any pervious post I’m a practicing witch so All Hallows Eve (Halloween) is when the energy between all the realms is balanced and for me at least is when the wheel of the year turns from old to new. Traditionally in the northern hemisphere it is the last night of autumn so all the crops will have been harvested and stored for the winter and fields are burnt to be left fallow (un-cropped) for the winter months. In the Southern Hemisphere it’s the cross over from spring to summer and for those of us in the tropics the summer rains will now start and bring life back to dry winter ground.

People often tell me they don’t believe in Magic but I’ll hear them say things like:

  • I wish x,y,z would happen
  • I put it on my new years resolution
  • If I keep telling myself I’m fine I will be
  • Fake it till you make it
  • First thing every morning I repeats my positive messages I’ve written myself
  • You have to believe you can change to make it happen
  • My gut instinct is telling me ………..

And my personal favourite – blow out the candle and make a wish

All of the above are ancient forms of spell crafting because words via thought, written or spoken carry great power and energy.  However we’ve largely lost touch with our connections to the energy flows of the universe so we’ve forgotten how powerful something as simple as a wish or a pray can be.

Until we go digging though our mental baggage in something like therapy or someone says something wonderful or horrible to or about us we don’t really think about what power we might be unintentionally sending out into the universe.  And a lot of the time we don’t realise the damage we have done to another or that has been done to us until it’s happened.

In a spell the intent and energy will effect how powerful that spell is going to be.  It’s amazing how often we say something in the heat of anger or passion that unleashes havoc in everyone involvers life because we’ve put a fair amount of primal energy into our words and the universe or fate takes us literally and does as we have asked.

I recently watched the movie Maleficent which demonstrates the power words can have (spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it stop reading now).  When Aurora is a baby Maleficent is so angry with Aurora’s farther she curses the baby and in her all consuming rage she ends the curse “and no power on earth can remove this curse”.  Later when Aurora is approaching her 16th birthday activating the curse Maleficent sneaks into her room one night and attempted to lift the curse as she has come to love the child even if she still hates her parents.  However to her horror Maleficent discovers she can’t remove her own curse because of her words spoken in anger “and no power on earth can remove this curse” mean that even her powerful magic can’t undo the spell.  Basically she worded her curse without really thinking and didn’t leaving a loop hole should she change her mind.

So next time you go to say something about events in your life, your feelings about another or your feelings about yourself remember that the spoken word is the most powerful energy you can send out into the universe and once unleashed you can’t bring it back.

Alway remember the saying – be careful what you wish for because you might just get it and the universe or fate might just take your words literally.