Yet again it is that time of the year where people dress up in costumes, knock on total strangers doors for free Candy, have scary parties and attend things like Haunted Houses or Horror Mazes.

As a practicing witch I love Halloween for us its like New Years Eve and is a good time to make peace with the past, send prayers/messages to loved ones that have passed over, to do spells for good energy or cleaning out bad energy from your life and so on.  I also love the fact it brings out the creative and ghoulish side of people even if they probably have no idea why they dress up, go house to house offering tricks & treats or that it was originally the pagan harvest festival to end autumn and start winter (in the southern hemisphere we do the revers for us we are welcoming summer from spring).

I used to also be a lover of the good old fashioned Horror Movie.  I’m of the generation that as teenagers thought movies like Friday The 13th, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, IT or The Exorcist were terrifying but we secretly watch them anyway.  Then we became the generation who made the movies like Cabin In The Woods, The Fog, The Hills have eyes and more spoofed varieties like Scream.   When Vincent Price died in 1993 it was a very sad day for lovers of classic horror because he had the evilest laugh on the planet.

However the landscape of the Horror Genre of movies changed for every in 2004 with the release of SAW and it’s subsequent 6 sequels all released on Halloween from 2004 to 2010. The SAW franchise at least for me moved from horror to Psychological Terror.

This long winded introduction brings me to the question of “What is appropriate horror theme” if say you are running a dungeon maze where people are herded through cells containing “horror” events.  Where do you draw the line, I mean some people are terrified of spiders, others snakes, a room full of clowns, a morgue where the corps sits up and talks to you or an operating table where someone is being spliced open while alive and screaming.

I honestly didn’t think I had a strong opinion about this and have always been mah whatever.  I used to find horror mazes fun and funny and would giggle my way through them appreciating the occasional heart jolting scare.  I find I don’t deal with them quite as well since I came back from the dead in 2007 and since I’ve finally stopped dreaming about bleeding to death and being zapped back to life I really don’t want to open those mental scar up again.

However something the other day made me do a total double take and go What The Fuck.  I was helping do makeup at a local Halloween event and at the last minute had to help lace the ringmaster into her costume.  As I walked in the room I automatically shut the door behind me to give the young lady some privacy while she wiggled into tights, bottoms, though hight boots  and eventually her corset.  She seemed puzzled that I’d closed the door and I said it was to giver her privacy till we got her all  tucked in and laced up.  Her response floored me it was and I quote:

“oh wow that’s so nice but it’s not like Jerry or Matt haven’t seen me mostly naked last year they had to keep attacking me in the rape room in the dungeon maze and my costume kept coming undone.”


No that is not a type-o she actually said the RAPE ROOM!  Somehow for me this is crossing the line I don’t know why but it just seems totally inappropriate to have rape as a theme in horror maze or any event for that matter.

I could get on my soap box and rant and rave about the emotional, mental and often physical scar rape victims are left with but I won’t.  However some of the spooky fun that Halloween used to represent seems to be tarnished now with the thought that “RAPE” is included as part of what should be a fun event.