At the beginning of this year I decided that after building a 20 year career in Information Management and collected 3 university degrees that I really didn’t want to sit in front of a computer for 8 or more hours a day cleaning up data bases, spreadsheets and what not.  So while I sorted out my mental health issues I enrolled to do my Diploma of Specialised Makeup Artistry so I had some other qualification and skill base for when I do go back to work.

This is where I’m going to point out that until enrolling in beauty school I didn’t ware makeup and had no idea how complicated it really is.  The upside of knowing nothing about makeup application my teacher didn’t have to un-train bad habits.  The down side was I had to learn it all from scratch.  I had no idea what sculpting, highlighting or contouring was.  I had to learn to match base shades of skin tone with either warm or cool tones, that red lipstick comes in orange or blue base and that a nude lip is actually a kind of brown colour.

We started out with Bridal Makeup then glamour makeup followed by theatrical makeup and now finally we are at Special Effects.  As the year went on I let the negative voices in my head convince me once I graduated I’d never work as a makeup artist and I still think I suck at eyeliner, lipstick and fake lashes (trust me they are really hard to get positioned right).

However I got tossed in the deep end yesterday to worked at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival as a Makeup Artist with Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess Makeup team.  This was the fist time I’ve worked in my new career as a Professional Makeup artist.  It was nerve-racking, fun, hot, tiring and a little crazy we had 18 makeup artist to prepare 60 female models & 5 male models with two makeup changes all in a room the size of my living room.

For someone who’s Autistic and has ADHD this should have been my worst nightmare – small space, lots of noise, lot’s of people, instructions to follow precisely and pressure to get it done in a short time frame.  The first 2 hours when we had pre-start meeting then the first lot of models to work on I was petrified I’d screw it up and mentally freaking out.  However once the second model was in my chair I found my grove and realised I’m actually really good at doing makeup on people.

Oddly I found the hardest part for me was having to physically touch my models faces because it felt like such an invasion of their privacy.  Its kind of ridicules to feel like you’re invading someones personal space by touching them when you’ve right up in their grill and almost sitting in their lap or are between their legs.  But every time I had to lift and eyelid to blend eyeshadow or hold a lip up to get the perfect line I found myself apologising to the models.

So maybe I really can carve out a new career as a Makeup Artist, however I’m really going to have to work on filtering the information that comes out of my mouth.  Luckily my models found my constant commentary amusing and the transgender model didn’t mind me asking what was probably inappropriate questions.